3rd Nov. 2017

Coin miner made of phones? Samsung protects environment strangely

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Nowadays, one of the biggest problems is the so-called e-waste. Most of the out-of-date devices end up in the trash poisoning the environment without recycling. Samsung now came out with a not too significant, but very interesting solution for this problem.

The South Korean manufacturer built a tower in what old phones can be stacked to get a new mode of use. Maybe a profitable one.
The rack transforms a multitude of phones to a hardware specifically designed to mine Bitcoin.

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The tower equipped with 40 Galaxy S5 can mine BTC more efficient than some high-performance desktop computers.


40pcs of S5 phones can be put in the tower designed by the engineers of Samsung. It can mine better than three-four PCs at the same time.

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Earlier, the manufacturer presented other recycling methods of the old phones too. For example, there is a "doorkeeper owl" what tries to recognize the face of the person at the door and alerts if he/she is an unexpected guest.


They also built a smart aquarium that is controlled by a Galaxy.

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