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Coin miner made of phones? Samsung protects environment strangely

According to the company, out-of-date devices could be useful again this way. Learn more...

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Small tricks to speed up your PC (without silly software)

What is the difference between the ones with a fast PC and the others? The expertizes what you can get by reading articles like this! Pro tips to increase your Windows's performance for free and without software luring with false promises. Let's see how much speed can we gain! Learn more...

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How much cooling does your PC really need? How to select the right parts?

If you want a high-powered PC, the best way is to build a custom one. This allows for future upgrades, and you can invest in specific components to satisfy your needs in the right spot. However, you have to know what you are doing in case of cooling too! But how do you choose the parts may be right for you? Learn more...