Focus on your work/game while Feverkill operates in the background!


Control your fans, protect your rig from overheating and be aware of your PC's condition!


Extend your mobo ports by more sensors, fans, pumps, and LEDs!

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Feverkill adjusts fan speeds according to hardware temperatures.


It can put your PC to sleep when temps are dangerous and wakes it up after cooling down.

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Supported features

Feverkill PC Cooling Controller

BIOS / Software Control   (eg. Speedfan)

Hardware Controller Panels

Inner Fans & Accurate Temps
Additional Fans & Sensors
Easy to Use


Sophisticated Control Capability


Event-based Overheating Protection


Boot & Rally  Cycle 
Unified HW+SW Supervision


Multi-level Reliability

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John Gats

& Developer

Adam Bohak


before it's too late


Why have we got up this morning?

Most people meet fan control tools that are complicated and difficult to handle. They neglect fan control because they think, man has to be professional, to manage it properly.

Because of that, their PC fans are spinning fast regardless of whether their system is under a heavy load or not. Their hardware lack the proper overheat protection.
Because of that, they live with the constant stress of fan noise and overheating damages.

But finally, we can say that this will be changed. We are working to reduce physical losses, noise, and pressure on people through producing a solution that allows every person regardless of age or experience to control their fans and protect their hardware.

We can make people free. That's what we believe at Feverkill.

How we fight the material inconvenience?

Our tool means a powerful combination of software and hardware to implement a professional control for air and liquid cooling systems.

Just set your preferences and let Feverkill do the rest!

Our software running on the PC works with your internal fans, water pumps, and thermometers by taking advantage of a robust control artificial intelligence.

With Feverkill your computer will be flawlessly protected.

You can schedule alerts or even automatic sleep before your temperatures start running amok. We also offer you a kind of extension with physical sensors as a secondary level of security. Get rid of the overheat problems and provide your hardware the proper protection!

Do you have too many devices to control?

Connect our special hardware which communicates with the Feverkill software via USB and controls lots of fans and water pumps which can’t be connected to inner ports.

Do you like summer but don’t have sufficient cooling performance?

Then there is this unique adaptor, just for you! Connect it to your PC just like an ordinary case fan, and you will be able to control alternating current for lamps, Hi-Fi systems, even for washing machines, or... Take your pedestal fan and stand it next to your computer case!


Do you want to talk about environmental protection, or want to do it?

Feverkill operates fans and pumps just at a required rate. This way it saves noise, energy, and attrition while keeping the temperature of each hardware at an appropriate level. This means a longer lifetime for the hardware and less electronic junk. So we save noise, energy, and electronic litter.




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